CFC NFL Week 6 Power Rankings

1. Houston Texans, Last Week: 1

2. Atlanta Falcons, Last Week: 2

3. San Francisco 49’ers, Last Week: 3

4. New England Patriots, Last Week: 7

5. Chicago Bears, Last Week: 8

6. Baltimore Ravens, Last Week: 4

7. New York Giants, Last Week: 10

8. Pittsburgh Steelers, Last Week: 11

9. Green Bay Packers, Last Week: 5

10. Arizona Cardinals, Last Week: 6

11. Minnesota Vikings, Last Week: 14

12. Denver Broncos, Last Week: 8

13. Philadelphia Eagles, Last Week: 12

14. San Diego Chargers, Last Week: 13

15. St Louis Rams, Last Week: 22

16. Dallas Cowboys, Last Week: 16

17. Detroit Lions, Last Week: 17

18. Seattle Seahawks, Last Week: 20

19. Cincinatti Bengals, Last Week: 15

20. Washington Redskins, Last Week: 19

21. Indianapolis Colts, Last Week: 31

22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Last Week: 21

23. New Orleans Saints, Last Week: 28

24. Buffalo Bills, Last Week: 18

25. Miami Dolphins, Last Week: 27

26. New York Jets, Last Week: 24

27. Carolina Panthers, Last Week: 23

28. Oakland Raiders, Last Week: 26

29. Tenneessee Titans, Last Week: 25

30. Kansas City Chiefs, Last Week: 29

31. Jacksonville Jaguars, Last Week: 30

32. Cleveland Browns, Last Week: 32


CFC Week 5 NFL MVP Power Rankings

With most teams having played 5 games so far this season, we may not yet have a grasp on the team as a whole. The Texans and Falcons have the best records, but can they continue? The Saints and Packers have both started real slow, but can they bounce back? While we’ll have to wait to get a grasp on the team as a whole, getting a grasp on the best players though isn’t as hard and so far there has been some great players in the NFL. Here’s the Week 5 NFL MVP rankings.

1. Matt Ryan, Last Week: 1

It’s no fun to keep putting Matt Ryan at the top of this list, but he’s the clear MVP so far this year. He’s thrown for 1,500 yards so far this year with 13 TD’s and only 3 INT’s. He’s the leader of his undefeated Falcons team and he’s helped them come from behind several times already this year. This is Matt Ryan’s breakout year and people are noticing.

2. Tom Brady, Last Week: 2

While his team is getting back on the level we’re used to seeing them play, the performance of Tom Brady is also back on that level. Brady picked apart the Broncos defense in Week 5 for 223 yards and a TD. He’s still only thrown 1 INT this year with 8 TD’s, something most QB’s can’t say. Brady is playing as great as ever despite missing one of his favorite targets, Aaron Hernandez.

3. Eli Manning, Last Week: 3

Another Giants win and another great game from Eli Manning. Even though they got a great effort from the running game for the first time this year, it was still Manning who lead the Giants to the win over the Browns with 3 TD passes to Victor Cruz.

4. Aaron Rodgers, Last Week: 6

The Packers were shocked this week against the Colts, but Aaron Rodgers still had a great game. He threw for 3 TD’s and 1 INT and in the first half it looked like the Packers were going to run away with this game. The Packers fell at the hands of Andrew Luck and this statement game from the Colts, dropping them to 2-3. If they came out with a couple more wins though, we’d be appreciating the season that Aaron Rodgers is having again. Not quite his 2011 MVP season, but he’s still having a great year.

J.J. Watt5. JJ Watt, Last Week: 9

Much like Matt Ryan being the clear leader for MVP, JJ Watt is the clear leader for the Defensive Player of the Year award in 2012. Not only does Watt lead the league in sacks with 8.5, but he’s also close to the lead in a category you wouldn’t expect for a defensive player. If you watched the Texans play the Jets last night, you would have seen Watt swatting away many balls on the defensive line. After last night, he has 8 passes deflected this year which is only 2 behind the league leader Tim Jennings and ahead of defensive backs like Ed Reed and Cortland Finnegan. Watt makes a bigger impact than anybody else in the league on the D-Line, and is definitely valuable to this elite Texans defense.

Ben Roethlisberger6. Ben Roethlisberger, Last Week: 4

Big Ben’s Steelers had the week off, but his performance so far this year has been amazing. Usually Big Ben has been the type to win ugly and come through in the clutch, but there’s nothing ugly about the 8 TD’s and one INT he’s had so far this year. I wouldn’t expect it to stop anytime soon either, with matchups against the Titans, Bengals and Redskins in the next three weeks.

Jamaal Charles7. Jamaal Charles, Last Week: 7

Runningbacks don’t gain as much attention as QB’s unless they’re Adrian Peterson or MJD. What Jamaal Charles is doing this year after major ACL surgery though is incredible, especially as a part of an awful Chiefs offense. Charles got it done against a great Ravens defense too this week, and with Brady Quinn possibly coming in for the Chiefs at QB the load is going to be on his shoulders.

8. Joe Flacco,  Last Week: 5

I’m not sure there is a more frustrating player, especially at QB, than Joe Flacco. He’s thrown for 380 yards and 3 TD’s this year in a game against the Patriots, and then can’t even sniff the 200 yard mark in a 9-6 win against a below average Chiefs defense. Flacco shows signs of brilliance that put his name on this MVP list, but then he has weeks like this one where he drops because of poor performance. He’s the model of inconsistency at the QB position, and has been for most of his career to this point.

Arian Foster9. Arian Foster, Last Week: Unranked

It’s nothing out of the ordinary to see great play from Arian Foster, who has been consistently one of the best backs in the league since he joined the NFL two years ago. He ran for 152 yards this week against a good Jets defense, and now is second in the league with 532 yards to go along with 5 TD’s.

10. Tim Jennings, Last Week: 10

With the Bears defense playing so well there are several players who are key reasons to the success. The Bears have some great players such as Lance Briggs and Charles Tillman, but Tim Jennings has been an incredible CB this season. He leads the league in both INT’s and passes deflected and deserves to get more attention with the rest of the guys on the Bears D.

New Music: Kid CuDi-King Wizard

Since the release of his album “Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager”, many have felt that Kid CuDi has fallen off musically. He’s experimented with a band, WZRD and hasn’t put out a s0lo album since “Man on the Moon II”. He’s planning on releasing his new album “Indicud” though in 2012 and so far what we’ve heard from it sounds good. Here’s the latest single he dropped, “King Wizard”

CFC Week 4 NFL MVP Power Rankings

Now that we’re in Week 4, some of the names on this list are becoming more consistent with their position in these rankings. There’s still players who are having great games and coming into the rankings, but in Week 4 the Top 7 are all returning from last week just in a different order. With that being said, here’s my Week 4 NFL MVP Power Rankings.

1. Matt Ryan, Last Week: 1

He’s been my MVP since Week 2, and nothing has changed yet. Ryan has made a huge step this year and is playing his best football while leading one of the best teams in the NFL to an undefeated record. Ryan leads the league in QB rating along with one of it’s best TD-INT ratio. With 1,162 yards, 11 TD’s and an undefeated team, Matt Ryan is the clear MVP leader through Week 4.

2. Tom Brady, Last Week: 4

When the Patriots are on track, it’s because Tom Brady is playing well. His two down games were also losses, but the Tom Brady that we saw in Week 4 against the Bills was the Brady we’ve come used to seeing. Brady threw for 340 yards and 3 TD’s in his teams beatdown of the Bills, putting his season total at 7 TD’s and just 1 INT.

3. Eli Manning, Last Week: 2

Eli Manning couldn’t finish off the Eagles in Week 4, but his MVP chances are still strong. While his team may be 2-2, Manning hasn’t had an awful game yet which is usually what we’re used to seeing from him. His “bad” game so far this year was against Tampa Bay when he threw 3 INT’s, but I have a hard time calling it a bad game when he also threw 3 TD’s and threw for 500 yards. Eli Manning’s big problem has always been his consistency, but we’ve seen him being more consistent towards the end of last year and the start of this one. If he keeps it up, he should find himself in the discussion for the whole year.

Ben Roethlisberger4. Ben Roethlisberger, Last Week: 3

There isn’t much to say because Big Ben had a bye this week, but he stays relatively high because he’s still having a great season. He’s got almost 1,000 yards, 8 TD’s and only 1 INT in 3 games this year.

5. Joe Flacco, Last Week: 6

Joe Flacco played a pretty average game against the worst team in the NFL, but his season stats are still impressive. The Ravens are 3-1 and Flacco has thrown for 1,269 yards, 7 TD’s and 4 INT’s. In the past Flacco has been held back a little bit, but it looks like he is starting to get some trust in this offense and the stats show it. He’s still too inconsistent to be elite though.

6. Aaron Rodgers, Last Week: 5

It’s weird to see Aaron Rodgers, the reigning NFL MVP, so far down on this list but his play hasn’t been what we’ve come to expect from him so far this year. A little over 1,000 yards, 7 TD’s and 3 INT’s while his team is just 2-2, with already more loses than they had all of last year. He also only threw 6 TD’s all of last year, so his 3 are already a high number. They are high standards to hold somebody too, but Aaron Rodgers isn’t the same player he was last year. Still, the unusual Aaron Rodgers is better than many QB’s in the NFL.

Jamaal Charles7. Jamaal Charles, Last Week: 7

Jamaal Charles is sure making up for lost time. After missing all of last year, Charles now has 415 yards and had a rushing and receiving TD in the Chiefs loss to the Chargers this week.

Marshawn Lynch8. Marshawn Lynch, Last Week: Unranked

It may finally be time for people to accept that Marshawn Lynch is a great RB in the NFL. After his great year in 2011, there were many skeptics who didn’t think he could repeat it in 2012. In 4 games though, he leads the league in rushing and has 2 rushing TD’s. Lynch ended last year really hot and has started 2012 the same way.

J.J. Watt9. JJ Watt, Last Week: Unranked

In his rookie year, JJ Watt had 5.5 sacks. So far in 2012 he has a league leading 7.5 sacks for an incredible Texans defense. He’s been terrorizing QB’s and if he continues, could be the Defensive MVP and find himself in the race for the NFL MVP too.

10. Tim Jennings, Last Week: Unranked

It’s hard for a DB to win the MVP award, especially when they don’t have the exposure of a Darrelle Revis or Nnamdi Asomugha. For Tim Jennings though, he’s having a  year better than both of them. He’s got a league leading 4 INT’s so far and has been incredible for a great Bears defense.

CFC NFL Power Rankings Week 5

1. Houston Texans, Last Week: 1

2. Atlanta Falcons, Last Week: 2

3. San Francisco 49’ers, Last Week: 3

4. Baltimore Ravens, Last Week: 6

5. Green Bay Packers, Last Week: 5

6. Arizona Cardinals, Last Week: 8

7. New England Patriots, Last Week: 9

8. Denver Broncos, Last Week: 7

9. Chicago Bears, Last Week: 10

10. New York Giants, Last Week: 4

11. Pittsburgh Steelers, Last Week: 11

12. Philadelphia Eagles, Last Week: 14

13. San Diego Chargers, Last Week: 15

14.Minnesota Vikings, Last Week: 22

15. Cincinnati Bengals, Last Week: 23

16. Dallas Cowboys, Last Week: 12

17. Detroit Lions, Last Week: 16

18. Buffalo Bills, Last Week: 13

19. Washington Redskins, Last Week: 24

20. Seattle Seahawks, Last Week: 17

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Last Week: 18

22. St. Louis Rams, Last Week: 30

23. Carolina Panthers, Last Week: 26

24. New York Jets, Last Week: 19

25. Tennesee Titans, Last Week: 20

26. Oakland Raiders, Last Week: 25

27. Miami Dolphins, Last Week: 29

28. New Orleans Saints, Last Week: 21

29. Kansas City Chiefs, Last Week: 27

30. Jacksonville Jaguars, Last Week: 28

31. Indianapolis Colts, Last Week: 31

32. Cleveland Browns, Last Week: 32

Tracklist Revealed for Meek Mill’s “Dreams and Nightmares”

It’s been delayed in the past couple of months, but not it looks like Meek Mill’s debut album “Dreams and Nightmares” is ready for release on October 30th. He released the album art yesterday(above) along with the tracklist, which includes features like his Maybach Music boss Rick Ross and Kirko Bangz. Check out the full tracklist below and let me know what songs you’re looking forward to the most.

1. Dreams and Nightmares
2. In God We Trust
3. Young & Gettin’ It (feat. Kirko Bangz)
4. Traumatized
5. Believe It (feat. Rick Ross)
6. Maybach Curtains (feat. Nas, John Legend & Rick Ross)
7. Amen (feat. Drake)
8. Young Kings
9. Lay Up (feat. Wale, Rick Ross & Trey Songz)
10. Tony Story, Pt. 2
11. Who You’re Around (feat. Mary J. Blige)
12. Polo & Shell Tops
13. Rich & Famous (feat. Louie V)
14. Real Niggas Come First
15. Burn (feat. Big Sean)
16. Freak Show (feat. Sam Sneak & 2 Chainz)

Tracklist Revealed for Kendrick Lamar’s “good kid, m.A.A.d city”

We’ve heard talks about some of these songs and we’ve heard the singles, but Kendrick decided yesterday to finally give us a full tracklist. There’s some good names on there including the Lady Gaga collab we’ve heard about(although it’s not called “Partynaseous” like she said”). Give it a look below and tell me what tracks you’re looking forward to the most.

1.  Sherane a.k.a Master Splinter’s Daughter
2.  B*tch, Don’t Kill My Vibe (Feat. Lady Gaga)
3.  Backseat Freestyle
4.  The Art Of Peer Pressure
5.  Money Trees (Feat. Jay Rock)
6.  Poetic Justice (Feat. Drake)
7.  good kid
8.  m.A.A.d city (Feat. MC Eiht)
9.  Swimming Pools (Drank) (Extended Version)
10.  Sing About Me, I’m Dying Of Thirst
11.  Real (Feat. Anna Wise)
12.  Compton (Feat. Dr. Dre)

Deluxe Bonus Tracks:

13.  The Recipe (Feat. Dr. Dre)
14.  Black Boy Fly
15.  Now or Never (Feat. Mary J. Blige)
16.  Collect Calls
17.  Swimming Pools (Drank)