Chris Brown releases two songs over the weekend


Chris Brown has been relatively quiet since the release of him and Rihanna remixing each others songs, but this weekend Breezy released two new songs and says he will release more before the release of his new album Forune on May 8th. As someone who still likes Breezy the artist I was excited for the releases.

The first song he released was “How I feel”, produced by Drumma Boy(As was the 2nd.) Breezy sometimes falls hard when he’s trying to rap, but this one worked. Not a lot of singing but Chris just raps about his life and upbringing and I really liked it. You can listen to “How I feel” here

The second song, however, I wasn’t a fan of. For starters it was called Fuck Da City Up so I wasn’t expecting much. I wasn’t a fan of the verses and Brown singing “Fuck Da City Up” on the chorus just didn’t work for me. It also doesn’t help his ever declining image. Anyway, I know he’s probably just releasing songs that didn’t make the cut for Fortune, but hopefully the songs aren’t like this. Anyway, if you want to listen, you can listen to it here


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