Thoughts from the unveiling of the NCAA Bracket

As I sat in Buffalo Wild Wings tonight, watching this years brackets get unveiled there wasn’t many surprises. It was a lot of the same teams at the top and from reading what Joe Lunardi had said before today I would like to think I was pretty prepared. Anyway, here’s the thoughts and notes that I do have from tonight.

-My first thought about the 2012 bracket is more of a complaint or so about the actual show.  First off, why do we have cameras on all of the teams that have already been locked into the tournament by automatic qualifiers. Is it so we can watch Leigh, who already knew they were getting in, jumping up and down over getting to play Duke in the first round? I like the cameras on the teams that haven’t been locked in, but the cameras on teams that already have a spot sealed seems unnecessary to me. Also, why not have cameras on those bubble teams that don’t get in? It would make it much more interesting and suspenseful than wondering why they keep showing shots of Seton Hall.

-Most of the complaints I saw at the beginning of the night on twitter were about Missouri not getting in as a 1 seed. Which is justified, because they should have gotten it over North Carolina. Not surprising from the committee though, because either Duke or North Carolina always has a 1 seed.

-VCU got in as a 12 seed against Witchita State. The committee is just begging for us to bet on another VCU run.

-I’m undecided on the play in games for this year. VCU came out of a play in game that most thought they didn’t belong in from last year so we’ll have to watch out for another one of those.

-Really bummed out by Lamar’s seeding. Was kinda hoping they could sneak into a 13 or 12 seed because they’ve been on a roll since Pat Knight ripped into his seniors. They will probably win that play in game, but I just can’t pick them against North Carolina after that.

-One final note. Early bracket filling out I like a lot of favorites. Gonna have to brush up on my upsets before I fill this thing out for good. I’ll have all my picks before the first game on Thursday up in a post.


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