NFL Free Agency Notes: 3/12/12

With things starting to happen besides the Peyton Manning sweepstakes, I’ll keep up with it by posting daily notes. The majority for today though, is still all about Peyton.

Another day, more Peyton Manning rumors and talks. Today it came out that the Chiefs and Seahawks were out of the race for Manning. I said in my post yesterday that I didn’t think the Chiefs were a great fit for Manning and this news doesn’t surprise me. As for the Seahawks, I never really believed they were in the race and Pete Carroll said before Manning even became available that they weren’t going to pursue him. With both of those teams dropping out though, the news came that Manning was meeting with the Tennessee Titans. I considered putting them down but Jake Locker did fairly in his rookie year. Bringing in Peyton to mentor Locker may be a great move though if he decides to go to Tennessee. With new meetings, a Peyton Manning decision probably isn’t likely until Wednesday or Thursday.

The Redskins released safety OJ Atogwe today. The Redskins signed Otogwe to a 5 year, $26 million deal a little over a year ago. Otogwe had a decent year in his first year with the Redskins, and no surprise that another Dan Synder signing failed to work out.

The Rams released three lineman today, DT’s Justin Bannan and Fred Robbins along with center Jason Brown.


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