Quick Hits: 3/11/12

In what will hopefully become a daily post, here will be my thoughts or quick hits from the games from the night before. When baseball season starts(not just spring training), that will be included too. Here’s a recap from last nights action.

-For starters, the college basketball action on Sunday was great and may be a preview of upsets that are set to come in the Big Dance.  Switching between the North Carolina and Kentucky games, it’s obvious that they are both great teams and with both getting 1 seeds they are ready to make a run. Florida State could also be a dangerous team and looked real good against North Carolina who was missing one of their best players in John Henson.

-After the Kentucky game was over, I turned over to some NBA action to see the Lakers and Celtics battle to the buzzer. Kobe Bryant did something that is all too familiar to the Celtics and the rest of the NBA and he took over down the stretch and even though the game winning shot came from the hands of Andrew Bynum, this was Kobe’s game in the end.

-Jeremy who? The short lived Linsanity cooled down after the first week and has come to a screeching halt since the return of Carmelo Anthony. The turnovers are still there, but Lin has slowed down when it comes to points and assists during the Knicks 5 game losing streak.

Difference Maker: Many players  had great games on Sunday but the difference maker for 3/11 has to go to Luke Loucks from Florida State. Loucks scored 10 points and led his team with 6 rebounds and 13 assists as they fought their way to their first ACC Title with the close win over North Carolina.


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