Was the Randy Moss signing good for the 49’ers?

He’s back. Unlike Terrell Owens, the retired and former Patriots receiver has been accepted back into the NFL. Last night the San Fransisco 49’ers signed Randy Moss to a one year deal after working him out. Reports from the workout from Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer said that Moss looked like the Moss of old. Since the signing last night though, there’s been plenty of people questioning the move and some have compared it to the 49’ers signing of Braylon Edwards last year.

Randy Moss isn’t Braylon Edwards though. He never has been. In the 49’ers search for a true #1 receiver, they’ve been down a rough path. The team hasn’t had a 1,000 yard receiver since Terrell Owens in 2003  though and they are desperate for someone to help out their passing offense.

Randy Moss obviously isn’t a long term solution. The 49’ers will have to find that through the draft or free agency(possibly with Mike Wallace). But for now while they are trying to contend with the best teams in the NFC I think that the Randy Moss signing was a good deal for them.

I know the last time we saw Randy Moss it wasn’t pretty. He played in 2010 with three different teams and barely had over 300 yards. That’s not appealing for anyone, but I truly think that Moss is one of the best WR’s that we’ve seen and that he wasn’t very motivated to perform in Tennessee and Minnesota. He was jogging routes and didn’t look like Randy Moss. With the news of a great workout and the chance to be a deep threat and #1 reciever on a contender though, I think Moss could have a very good season. On the flip side, Moss has had chemistry problems in the past and getting motivation could be a problem. Let’s just hope the catering is good.

He couldn’t have found a better situation either. The 49’ers are a very good team that’s well coached and has an elite defense. One thing that they are lacking though is good WR’s. Put together Michael Crabtree and Tedd Ginn Jr. and you have high draft positions and lots of potential. What they don’t have though is success in the NFL and even an average Moss could open up things for them. Besides, if the experiment goes bad they only took Moss on a 1 year deal so they can be rid of him if he doesn’t perform.

The Randy Moss situation is a low risk-high reward move that more teams should have looked into. The 49’ers made a smart move picking him up and it will be another chapter in the Hall of Fame career of Randy Moss.


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