Mixtape Review: Wiz Khalifa’s “Taylor Allderdice”

I was talking to a friend recently about Wiz Khalifa. With this mixtape coming up, we were talking about Wiz’s most recent album “Rolling Papers” which came out last year. He said how the album was alright with a couple of good songs but nothing special. To that I said that’s pretty much all Wiz Khalifa is. It’s the truth at this point. Wiz releases okay songs but nothing that really sticks out or is memorable. Thinking back to “Rolling Papers”, I don’t even know the last time I listened to a song from it.

Wiz’s new mixtape, “Taylor Allderdice”, is a lot of the same. Nothing memorable but a couple of good songs.

The mixtape, named after a Pittsburgh area high school that Wiz attended, crashed the servers at datpiff(which seems to happen a lot). I assume those people were quite dissapointed when they heard the mixtape though.

The mixtape is pretty much what you would expect from Wiz. He talks about smoking weed, how much money he has now to buy weed to smoke and does it all with his weed smoking friend and Taylor Gang member Juicy J. Juicy J is joined on the album by Rick Ross, Chevy Woods, Lola Monroe and Amber Rose as the collaborations on the mixtape. Yes, that Amber Rose. The one that is engaged to Wiz. And it’s as awful as you’d expect.

With that being said, the mixtape isn’t a complete disaster. The lyrics may sound pretty much the same with the same beats. There’s no songs that are unbearable though and I do, ironically, like “My Favorite Song” with Juicy J. Another high point for me was a sample of “Acura Integurl” by Frank Ocean on the song “The Cruise”

The Taylor Allderdice mixtape is a warm up of sorts for Wiz’s sophomore album “O.N.I.F.C” which is slated to come out later this year. Hopefully Wiz is saving his best work for this album and hopefully he decides to make it a bit more interesting. More beats, better lyrics and better collaborations. And please, no Amber Rose.

Best Song: My Favorite Song ft Juicy J

Mixtape Rating: 2 out of 5 stars


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