The 16 over 1 upset could be closer than you think

When it comes to filling out a bracket one of the golden rules of it is that there’s always a 12 over 5 upset. You also always know there’s going to be upsets across the board. Maybe not a 15 over 2, but after this year those are going to get a longer look. One thing we always know though, is that you can take the 1 seed over the 16. The reason for this is that there’s never been a 16 seed to beat a 1.

That day may be sooner than we think though.

While watching UNC Asheville’s near upset over Syracuse, the announcers keep saying how one day there WILL be a 16 over 1 upset. At that time I was just thinking that they were saying that because it’s part of their job. Then though, after the Mizzouri and Duke upsets last night my opinion changed quite a bit.

With their being such close games between 16 and 1 seeds, and these 15 over 2 upsets from last night, the 16 over 1 upset may be closer than we think.


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