Thoughts from Round 1 of the NCAA tournament

Oh boy. That’s about all I can say right now. After last nights games, I felt like Vince Lombardi. Not “Super Bowl Champ” Vince Lombardi. More like the “What the hell is going on out here” Vince Lombardi. For the amount I was going crazy after the Mizzouri game I was falling apart after the collapse of the Dukies. March Madness hasn’t disappointed so far.

As a sick person(not just staying home so I could watch the tournament; legitimately sick) I was at home all day Thursday so I caught the action from the beginning. The day was kicked off with Murray State against Colorado State. I had to sweat it out for a little bit mostly due to the phenomenal play of Pierce Hornung, but Murray State still won. Good, bracket started off well. And I got a little excited as I had all the right picks while Marquette stomped BYU and one of my Final Four sleeper teams, Louisville, won despite foul trouble from Peyton Siva. I was 5-0, looking to get to a 6-0 start.

Then the Syracuse game happened.

I’m not about to tell you I picked UNC Asheville, because I didn’t. I did end up going 6-0 but we had to worry about this a little bit more than expected. I’m not going to be too long on this, because pretty much everything to be said has been said. The refs were awful and made two very poor calls in the end. Syracuse got away lucky and I’m not sure how much longer they’re gonna last playing like this.

Unfortunately I have to tell you the perfect bracket came to an end after upsets by Long Beach State and Harvard fell short. There wasn’t many more exciting games besides VCU winning again, but Day 1 was exciting and didn’t let our expectations down.

The action would get better on Day 2 though.

Day 2 got off to a good start again for the sake of my bracket and I thought maybe my bracket will come together. Up until the Missouri game I had all of the games right. There were close games with Creighton squeaking out a win on a near foul and my other Final Four sleeper Florida State barely winning against St. Bonaventure. Then, like I said, was the Mizzouri game.

Throughout the whole game while Mizzouri was battling Norfolk State the main question I was asking myself was….where is Norfolk State? That question still hasn’t been answered, but wherever it is all I know is that they can play basketball. Led by Kyle O’Quinn, Norfolk State caught Mizzouri napping and outplayed them. Mizzouri was out of their game from the beginning and didn’t have enough at the end. Congrats to Norfolk State for winning and for me wanting to rip up my bracket. Don’t feel guilty though, because Lehigh made the feeling worse.

In an early draft of my bracket I had Duke winning it all. Thankfully I decided against that. Much like Mizzouri, Duke didn’t show up to play. And for a team coached by Coach K, that’s surprising. CJ McCollum outplayed everybody on the floor and Duke may have been outcoached this game. Mason Plumlee led the team with 19 points but he was 9-9 from the field. Let me say that again. 9-9. Why the guy who hasn’t missed a shot only got the ball 9 times is baffling especially when he was more athletic than any big men that Lehigh had. Bad game by Duke, good job by Lehigh. Hats off to them.

The first round of the NCAA Tournament was great and the 2nd round may be just as good.


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