How much better does Matt Flynn really make the Seahawks?

With the news of former Packers quarterback Matt Flynn reaching a three year deal with the Seahawks, I’m reminded of one quarterback and one deal that happened last year. The deal went to another quarterback with limited experience. That quarterback was Kevin Kolb.

The Cardinals traded for Kevin Kolb in July of last year and immediately gave him a new contract for 5 years worth around $63 million with $21 million guaranteed. Yikes, now you know why Flynn didn’t get what he was looking for.

For all that money that Kolb got he didn’t even reach 2000 yards or 10 TD’s. Yes, he was injured for half the season but nobody was impressed with his play during that time and the Cardinals have been shopping for that Manning guy.

There’s no way to know for sure how Matt Flynn will be. I’d say that the Seahawks got him at a very good price and didn’t overpay for him as the Cardinals did with Kevin Kolb. I wouldn’t expect a Pro Bowl from Flynn in the next couple of years, but if the Seahawks can land Justin Blackmon in the draft things could change. As of right now, Sidney Rice is the Seahawks number 1 receiver but Blackmon will be a star in the NFL.

I would expect around 3000 yards and 25 TD’s from Flynn this year if he can stay healthy. Will that make this Seahawks team better? Well, it’s an improvement over Tavaris Jackson but they still aren’t playoff material in the NFC.


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