Mario Manningham signs with the 49’ers, and Peyton Manning may be on the way

For Giants fans, they knew that the news of Mario Manningham leaving for a new team was about to come soon. He was asking for too much to be a third stringer on the Giants.

The Super Bowl hero did leave the Giants, and signed a two year contract to join the San Fransisco 49’ers. The money of the deal is not yet known, but Manningham will most likely become the go-to target for whoever plays QB for the 49’ers next year.

For all three years of his career, Manningham has played reciever for Eli Manning  in New York. He may now become reciever for Peyton Manning in San Fran.

For awhile it looked like Peyton Manning was going to play in Miami, Arizona or Denver. Then last week Tennessee came into the mix only to be outdone by San Fransisco who somehow brought in Peyton for a secret workout and are close to signing him. Manning has said that his final three choices are now Denver, San Fran and Tennessee and as I said in my breakdown of possible destinations for Peyton, I think the 49’ers would be the best choice for him at this point. It looks even better now that they’ve given him weapons in Manningham and Randy Moss.


4 Responses to Mario Manningham signs with the 49’ers, and Peyton Manning may be on the way

  1. Totally agree. We also said that Peyton’s best stop would be the Niners back on March 6th. Check it out if you have a moment:

    Nice Post!

  2. hawkeye592 says:

    I agree that Manning’s best landing spot would be San Fran, with Manningham, Davis, Crabtree, and Gore, they are on the verge of having a great offense to pair with an outstanding defense. All they were missing was consistent QB play.

  3. Don’t forget Randy Moss is there too (whatever he has left in the tank…)

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