David Garrard signing makes us wonder; Where’s VY?

It was the day of the QB who missed 2011. After Peyton Manning signed earlier today, the last thing I expected to hear was that David Garrard signed with Miami. Garrard missed all of 2011 with a herniated disk. Miami chased Alex Smith and was unsuccessful so adding a QB wasn’t that surprising. I expected them to do it in the draft though and especially to not go get Garrard. This isn’t saying Garrard is washed up, but he was kicked out of Jacksonville(Yeah, Jacksonville) last season and missed a whole season due to injury.

The David Garrard signing made me wonder one thing though. Where’s Vince Young?

After being released by Tennessee for clashing with Jeff Fisher and having off the field problems, Vince Young spent all of 2011 with the Eagles. Nothing much came out of last year except, of course, Young’s deeming of the Eagles being the “Dream Team”.

Fast forward to now though, and VY has to be puzzled looking up. “Did David Garrard and Alex Smith get signed before me? Wasn’t I good once upon a time? Didn’t I win Rookie of the year?”

Well Young still has plenty of potential but the main thing holding VY back from being a franchise QB is the same thing that always has. It’s his maturity. He hasn’t been in any real trouble with the law or the league offense, it’s just that his head may not be on right. And I’m not downplaying that, because NFL teams want QB’s who can lead and be good QB’s.

I’m not sure where VY is in a mental state, but I think he still has something to bring on the field and I’m surprised no team has taken a chance on him. And that’s not to say that a team won’t, it’s just weird to see Alex Smith and David Garrard get signed above him when two years ago if you could take any of the three it would be Young without any questions asked. If he could get himself straight, Vince Young may be able to be a starting quarterback again. For now though, he sits in the free agent pool untouched and unwanted.


3 Responses to David Garrard signing makes us wonder; Where’s VY?

  1. P Laury says:

    what is wrong with all the gm’s and owners? vy is a winner. given the right team and players behind him it super bowl all the way. jeff fisher didn’t want vy but he made them a winner. some reason he was bench and kerry collins and won that was good but die in the playoffs, then he went 8 – 2 after 0-6 start. AND THEN he hurt his finger and wanted to come back in…and fisher left a rookie qb in…now tell me what the hell was that…and last year was not his fault…yeah he made some bad throws and he made a lot of great throws that were dropped. GIVE VY support system and a coach who believes in him and watch in 2012 a nfl team explode to the super bowl
    with vy as the qb

    • stephenchott says:

      I wouldn’t go as far as saying that he would win a Super Bowl, but I do still think he could be a good QB. Looks like he’s getting a workout with the Bills now though and it would probably be best for them if they sign him. He could get a good shot with Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB.

      • P Laury says:

        that’s good they want regret it…go vy show all those haters who doubted u at least u have a true fan who still believes in u…wouldn’t that be something winning the superbowl…lol

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