Manning Mania is over; Peyton makes a bad choice in choosing the Broncos

Well, ever since the free agent period started there’s been a shadow hanging over the whole process. The shadow of Peyton Manning and where he was going to sign. As most of you already know, we no longer have to deal with the talk of where he’s going.

Peyton Manning is a Bronco. It’s a pretty poor choice though.

The final four teams that were left in the Manning sweepstakes were Denver, Tennessee, Arizona and San Fransisco.

In Arizona, Manning would be able to play in a dome in a warm weather city that has one of the best WR’s in the league with a very good foundation built. All they needed was a QB.

In Tennessee, Manning could return to the place he played in college. He could have had Chris Johnson, one of the best RB’s in the league and Kenny Britt who’s a very good WR.

In San Fransisco, Manning could go to a nice city that is in the best position of any team. They have so many weapons for Manning and could have been very dangerous. Not to mention they have by far the best defense of any team that tried to sign Manning.

And then there’s Denver.

All I’ve heard about Denver is that they have good running game and that they have a great defense. Their running game would be great….if this was 5 years ago and Willis McGahee didn’t have so many miles on him. It was obvious to anyone watching the Broncos that he wore down by the end of the year. And then there’s the “great” Broncos defense, which gave up 6 touchdowns to Tom Brady last time we saw them. Yeah, it’s not like they got exposed or anything.

But it’s not just Peyton that made a bad decision here. It’s the Denver Broncos organization too.

The Broncos had a QB in place. Yes, it was Tim Tebow. All I ever hear from ESPN analysts is how hard the transition from college football to the NFL is. Tim Tebow struggled a bit in his first season but he still led them to the playoffs and has plenty of time to develop. Not to mention that the team loved him and he was the leader in that locker room.

And then there’s that fan base. Oh, that poor  . What are they going to do with all those Tebow “Jesus” jersey’s? Seriously though, I hope Peyton Manning has success and has success early. Because if he doesn’t, he may have to hear the chants of Tebow even if Tebow is gone to another city.

Let’s not forget that this isn’t healthy Peyton either. This is Peyton coming off of four neck surgeries. Unless you trust the grainy footage of him throwing, this is average Peyton Manning at best.

And who knows, maybe average Peyton Manning is good enough. I still don’t understand the Peyton signing in Denver though. It seems like a bad fit for both sides to me and I wouldn’t bet on those Broncos Super Bowl odds just yet.


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