Tebow Time in a new Time Zone: Where is the best fit for Tim Tebow?

Peyton Manning has finally made his decision. It’s one I don’t agree with, but as a result it’s setting off a chain reaction that effects ESPN and the NFL’s favorite quarterback.

Of course, that quarterback is Tim Tebow.

Everybody knows the name and everybody knows the story of his season with the Broncos last year. The religion, the erratic quarterback play. Everything.

Now that Peyton Manning is coming to the Broncos, Tebow time has come to an end in Denver. We’ll see how the crazy fans take that. With that though, Tebow needs to find a new home. As I did with Peyton Manning, I’ll lay out the options and by the slim chance that Tebow or somebody in one of these organizations reads this, they’ll know the best option for Tebow.

Arizona Cardinals

Ah, poor Cardinals. I really think they were a great fit for Manning. They could still be a good fit for Tebow though, and I think it would be a good play for them to get him. Tebow would get to go play in a nice dome stadium and Larry Fitzgerald would make him look better as he does with any QB he plays with. They also have a good running game, which is important for a Tebow run offense. They do already have Kevin Kolb, but I think Tebow is an upgrade over Kolb. The problem is that they’ve already paid him his $7 million bonus for this year, so they may not be willing to add on Tebow.

Miami Dolphins

Oh wouldn’t this be great. Remember last year when Tebow got cheered in Miami because of his time with the Gators? It would be a homecoming for Tebow to come to the Dolphins and it would be great for both sides. The Dolphins may lose out on Alex Smith now that the 49’ers want him back so they will be in need of a quarterback. Tebow is an upgrade over Matt Moore, and seeing him play with Reggie Bush would make them a very exciting team. A downside of the move to Miami is the Dolphins receiving core, which may be worse than what he had with the Broncos now that Brandon Marshall is gone to Chicago.

San Fransisco 49’ers

If Alex Smith decides to get over the Niners pursuit of Peyton Manning and resign in San Fran, this move goes out the window. If Smith goes and signs in Miami though, they may be out of choices. With Smith gone the free agent market at the QB position is pretty much Vince Young, David Garrard and Donovan McNabb. VY may be the only one who is worth a chance on, but I don’t think that is a chance the 49’ers want to take. If Alex Smith isn’t back, they should trade for Tebow and they could make another serious run at the playoffs next season.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns lost out on Robert Griffin III and were never in on Manning. To me this seems like they’re more interested in taking a chance on Ryan Tannenhill or another quarterback in the draft, but maybe they do make a run at Tebow.

Jacksonville Jaguars

And now we arrive at the most talked about choice. The Jaguars ownership has said that they want Tebow and most people thought that he was going to get drafted there when he came out in the draft. They passed on him then but they may not do it again now. The fans in Jacksonville already love Tebow and bringing him in would be a great move to get fans into Jacksonville. From a team standpoint, the team still wouldn’t be very good but Maurice Jones-Drew already takes on a heavy load there so it’s not something he can’t handle. Tebow would be an upgrade over Blaine Gabbert though. Even though he’s only had one year, it’s looks like Gabbert isn’t an NFL caliber QB and I wouldn’t be surprised if Jacksonville gives up on him.

The NFL’s most interesting man is on the move and all of these teams should consider bringing in Manning. If I was Tebow, I’d chose Miami or San Fransisco. If we’re betting where he ends up though? It’s probably Jacksonville.



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