Has Hines Ward had a Hall of Fame career?

After being cut by the Steelers, Hines Ward remained unsigned for about a month until calling it quits today after 14 seasons, all with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Ward has been an important part of the Steelers in two Super Bowl wins, winning Super Bowl MVP in Super Bowl XL.

Even though he’s been barely existent in the Steelers offense the past two years, Hines Ward has had a good career. The question though, is whether or not there is a place in the Hall of Fame for Ward.

Ward has 1,000 career receptions, which is weird in itself, but it puts him 8th on the All time list. Ward also has compiled 12,083 receiving yards and 85 career touchdowns, which puts him 18th and 13th on those respective lists. Him and Jerry Rice are also the only receivers who have 1,000 yards and two Super Bowls.

Those numbers are impressive but you have to take into account the stock pile there is above him on receivers. Of course there’s Cris Carter who has yet to get in with numbers better than him but there’s a list of people who are more deserving than Ward at his position. T.O, Marvin Harrison and Andre Reed to name a couple.

Ward may be deserving but it may be hard for him to get in any time soon. He has been a class act in the NFL and had a respectful career with the Steelers, but I think the Hall of Fame book on Hines Ward is remaining closed for the time being.


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