Roger Goodell abuses power, destroys Saints

Two months ago, the Saints lost the NFC Divisional game in a heart breaker against the San Fransisco 49’ers. Now, two months later, the Saints are a destroyed team.

What the Saints did was wrong. Placing bounties on people’s heads has no place in the NFL and they deserved to be punished.

And nobody expected Roger Goodell to let them off easy. After all, he loves suspending people. It’s what we’ll all remember from Goodell when he’s gone. He’s come close to abusing his power in the past but what’s he’s done today to the New Orleans Saints is too much.

Roger Goodell crippled the Saints and it will take time for them to come back from this.

Sean Payton will be suspended for the whole season without pay. Yes, he did something wrong but you are unemploying Payton for the whole season and he’s going to lose out on about $6.5 million of his contract. Not only are they hurting the Saints team but Payton as an individual.

Goodell also stripped the team of two 2nd round picks and took out Gregg Williams indefintley. ESPN’s John Clayton is saying that he could miss some of next season as well. NFL players who have committed federal crimes have been welcomed back with less punishment.

This has nothing to do with the severity of the crime committed by the Saints. Other NFL teams have placed bounties before and worse things have been done. Goodell just likes to puff out his chest and send a message, and that’s what he did today. This crime didn’t warrant the penalty it got, but Goodell wanted to send a message.

And it may get worse from now on. John Vilma, a player who was named as putting a bounty on Brett Favre’s head, will likely get suspended for the whole season as well.  Roger Goodell has pushed the limit before, but he has absolutely abused his power this time around and he will probably get worse as he spends more time in charge.


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  1. Dan Martin says:

    damn Tootin

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