Tebowmania to the Big Apple: Why I love the deal

We all knew the Tebow trade was coming once Peyton Manning came in, but it was figured that he was going to the Jaguars or Dolphins. Then it happened. Tim Tebow got traded to the Jets for a 4th and 6th round pick.

The Jets management has done a great job with this deal. At the end of last season, the locker room criticized Mark Sanchez and the locker room fell apart. The Jets are filled with guys who are bad characters including their coach. Tim Tebow is the absolute best locker room guy you can bring in.

The fans in New York will go crazy for Tebow, maybe even worse than the fans in Denver did. Mark Sanchez may need some motivation to push him to become a better quarterback and having Tebow behind you will defintley do that.

Speaking of Sanchez, why not bring in a quarterback who can compete with him for the starting job. Sanchez hasn’t played up to his potential and if he struggles the team may be better with Tim Tebow.

Even though some of his new teammates won’t be happy about it, the Jets have made a great move. Antonio Cromartie has already said they don’t need Tebow and Darrelle Revis said last year about how bad Tebow was.

Let’s not forget about how great of a deal this was though. Tebow brings huge upside and the Jets only got him for a 4th and a 6th round pick.

One thing we know for sure, is that Tebowmania in New York is going to be crazy. I personally can’t wait.


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