The 5 players I’m voting for in the Madden 13 Cover vote

As a Madden fan, it’s always interesting to see who gets the Madden cover vote. The Madden curse(whether you believe or not) always comes into play and a whole new dynamic has come in with the addition of fan voting in the past two years.

This year, Madden and SportsNation decided to drag out the process even more by having a play in round. Now that they have gotten out a bracket for the real voting though, it was time to seriously take a look at who I would vote for if I was voting for the Madden 13 cover vote. Here’s the 5 guys I would vote for:

1.  Tim Tebow

The man of the hour. Even before the trade, I would have considered Tebow the front runner for the Madden vote just because the fans love him. Now that he has the New York media and fan base behind him, he may be unstoppable. He’s already been on the cover of EA’s NCAA Football game(NCAA ’11) and he would be the first to be on both. In the first round of the Madden voting, Tebow is up against Arian Foster. And hey, if anyone can beat the Madden curse wouldn’t it be the guy who people say is god’s favorite player?

2. Rob Gronkowski

Gronk has already started campaigning for himself to get the Madden cover vote, and I think he’s got a good shot. Maybe we can get a picture of him spazzing on the dance floor after losing the Super Bowl. Boy, would I love that. Gronk would also become the first tight end to grace the cover of Madden. Gronk is up against new teammate Brandon Lloyd(who won the Rams vote) in the first round.

3. Stevie Johnson

Stevie Johnson has been a good player on the football field, but I’m more interesting in what he does once he reaches the endzone. Stevie generally seems to have fun when he plays football and maybe they can throw one of his raps on the soundtrack(they’re not that great, but neither is most of the Madden soundtrack). Maybe we can get a picture of Stevie “shooting himself” on the cover. It’s gonna be tough though, because he has a first round matchup with Darrelle Revis.

4. Cam Newton

With one of the best rookie years we’ve ever seen, it’s obvious Cam Newton is deserving of being on the Madden cover. I’d love to see a picture of Cam doing the Superman pose in the Carolina blue uniforms on the cover. It would be great. Cam is a #1 seed in the Madden bracket, and faces LeGarrette Blount in the first round(honorable mention, LeGarrette Blount punching somebody in the face on the cover).

5. Sebastian Janikowski

Last and certainly not least, my favorite vote for the Madden cover. You’re probably thinking “How can we put a *bleeping* kicker on the cover of Madden?!?” and that’s EXACTLY the point. It’s nothing against his kicking ability, but the hilarity of seeing the Seabass on the cover of Madden would be great. On a side note though, the play in was between Shane Lechler and Janikowski. Have the Madden creators never heard of Darren McFadden? Janikowski faces Maurice Jones-Drew in the first round but with your help we can get Seabass on the cover. #Seabass2013



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