Warren Sapp reveals the “snitch” in Saints bounty

When an investigation happens, 9 times out of 10 somebody has to reveal some details that let the investigators in. With the Saints bounty program and all the reports of Vilma putting a bounty on Brett Favre’s head and Gregg Williams putting up bounties, somebody had to have let the NFL in to give them information.

And Warren Sapp says he knows who that man is.

On his twitter account, Sapp said he knew who the snitch was and when a follower asked who he was talking about Sapp responded “Shockey”. Shockey, of course, is former Saints and current free agent tight end Jeremy Shockey.

It doesn’t surprise me to hear that Shockey would be involved in something like this and it’s not the first time he would have been involved in something controversial off the field. Also not surprising was Shockey’s response.

“My ass!!” Shockey wrote. “I don’t even play defense.”

That’s right Shockey, you don’t but that doesn’t mean you don’t see what happens. I’m sure all offensive players see what happens with the defensive side when something as big as this happens. And who knows, maybe Shockey had a bad breakup with the Saints and took out his anger by being a snitch.

He followed up the previous tweet by saying “(Expletive) them, Sapp … (knows) where to find me.”

Classy, as always Shockey. He is a free agent though, and this combined with a twitter war earlier in the offseason with Amani Toomer may keep him unsigned.

Nobody knows if Sapp is right in calling Shockey a snitch, but the Saints are paying for it with the ridiculous penalty handed down earlier today by Roger Goodell.


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