In honor of Macadelic: My top 5 Mac Miller songs

With the release of his Macadelic mixtape later today, I decided it would be a good tribute to post my top 5 favorite Mac Miller songs. The Pittsburgh rapper was appreciated by his early fans for his work on K.I.D.S(Kickin Incredibly Dope Shit) but wasn’t recognized by the more mainstream rap fans(and myself) until his Best Day Ever mixtape. His first album “Blue Slide Park” came out last year and now in a couple of hours Macadelic will come out. For any fans of Mac or people who haven’t listened to Mac before, he’s my top 5 songs by Mac Miller.

5. Best Day Ever

The first track off of his mixtape with the same name, the best part of Best Day Ever is the music that Mac raps over. The lyrics and his flow are great but the piano and music take it over the top.

4. Senior Skip Day

Ah, the anthem of so many kids. Off of his K.I.D.S mixtape, Senior Skip Day is Mac’s flow at it’s best. It’s just a laid back song about kicking it with Mac’s flow and good beats.

3. Donald Trump

Donald Trump was the first time me and many others had heard Mac Miller. And what a great way to start. Donald Trump is just great flow and rhymes.

2. Missed Calls

The first song to appear on this list from his most recent album, Missed Calls is a song about Mac and his girlfriend and them fighting over him changing due to his fame. It’s a great song that tells the story

1. Smile Back

This song is just a great song. It gets me pumped up with it’s beats and Mac’s flow. Great song.


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