LeBron James and the Miami Heat protest shooting of Trayvon Martin

At this point, most people know the case of Trayvon Martin. If you don’t, Trayvon Martin is a 17 year old high school student who was shot and killed in Florida by self appointed neighborhood watchmen George Zimmerman. The case has drawn so much attention due to the nature of the killing, as Zimmerman claimed he did it just because Martin looked suspicious in his hoodie and was acting in his self defense. The police didn’t arrest Zimmerman or administer any drug tests and background checks. Zimmerman is still has not been arrested and the police say they are taking his word for his story despite evidence against him.

The story has sparked some racial controversies as well, with people claiming that it was done because Martin was black.

The story has also made some people protest, one of them who is somebody pretty well known. Earlier today, LeBron James tweeted out a photo(that you can see above) of him and the rest of the Miami Heat in all black and hoods. The tweet read “#WeAreTrayvonMartin #Hoodies #Sterotyped #WeWantJustice”.

For somebody who has been the villain in the NBA since his “Decision”, I admire LeBron for doing this. What has happened to Trayvon Martin is a complete tradgedy and it’s incredible to see somebody like LeBron, who is always in the news, to bring awareness to this. Great job by LeBron and the Heat.


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