Can Chad Ochocinco have an impact in New England?

There was speculation at the beginning of this offseason that the Patriots would be parting ways with Chad Ochocinco. He had almost no impact in his first season in New England and the Patriots signed Brandon Lloyd, Donte Stallworth and Anthony Gonzalez.

Then, today, Ochocinco restructured his contract for this season meaning he will most likely stay with the Patriots.

The question that a lot of people, myself included, have though is whether or not Ochocinco can still make an impact on an NFL team.

Last season Ochocinco only had 15 catches and 1 touchdown. He didn’t have much of a chance to do anything though, because him and quarterback Tom Brady weren’t on the same page all season. Whether that’s due to his inability to learn the playbook or just his age is yet to be seen. If Ochocinco can get on the same page as Brady though and know the plays in the Patriots playbook I think he could have some impact with them this season.

It will be tough though. As I said earlier, Ocho will now be buried at the bottom of the depth chart behind at least Wes Welker, Brandon Lloyd and Deion Branch. If Ocho can show up though he may be able to have a minimal impact, although him putting up the numbers of the old Ochocinco are extremely unlikely.


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