If Tim Tebow were really dating Taylor Swift….

Would it have it’s own network? Could we officially re-name ESPN to ETPN?(Entertainment and Tebow Programming network, of course.) Would we need any others channels? Would the angels come down and sing a song with T-Swift? Could she finally have a relationship that doesn’t turn into a Grammy award winning album?

Of course, all of that is a joke(though I wouldn’t write off the ESPN re-name yet) but the rumors of a Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift romance is the talk of the town right now. I’m not here to report gossip, but the opportunity to have this couple could seriously break the internet.

I mean, the guy gets traded to another team and gets a press conference for being a backup. The sports media is already crazy about the guy, which goes well with the entertainment media going crazy over Taylor Swift.

The emergence and popularity of Tim Tebow has been due, in part, of the guy being “perfect” and doing no wrong. If he dated the sweetheart of the music business? Forget about it.

Really, there’s not much to get out of this article except that there are rumors of a romance between the two. Just some thinking out loud. Even though I like Tim Tebow, I’m hoping that these are just rumors so that I’m able to watch ESPN and not ETPN.


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