Sean Payton made a mistake in appealing his suspension

I said it from the beginning that I didn’t like the punishment given to the Saints. It was ridiculous but there’s nothing they can do about it. It’s also a reason why I think Sean Payton made a huge mistake in appealing his suspension.

Roger Goodell made an example out of the Saints. He went extremley hard on them to prove a point and I have a real hard time seeing him reversing this just because Sean Payton is appealing it. Goodell has stood his ground on most of his suspensions and him backing down on this is near impossible. But what’s the hurt in appealing and trying?

The Saints need to find a new head coach now and let him deal with the players as soon as possible. Payton pushing this back with an appeal and  then losing anyway is going to put the new head coach in an even worse position than he already is. Taking over the Saints job isn’t a good scenario already, but the appeal is going to take even more time away from the new coach. The appeal is going to keep Payton around for longer, but it’s going to put the new coach in an even worse position.

Maybe Sean Payton thinks he can get time off of his suspension or maybe he’s just wasting time so he can be around for the draft. Either way, I don’t like the move by the Saints. It’s putting Bill Parcells, Steve Spagnulo or whoever is going to be the next head coach in a bad position.


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