Should the Yankees worry about not having Michael Pineda?

When the Yankees acquired Michael Pineda their rotation immediately became better. If Pineda could pitch like he did last year the Yankees had a complete rotation and were going to be one of the most dangerous teams in baseball. Unfortunatley for them though, Pineda was put on the DL today with shoulder tendinitis.

With the injury to Pineda, who was going to be at the front end of their starting rotation, should the Yankees worry about their starting rotation this season?

Maybe last year, but this year they should be fine. On the same day that they got Pineda the Yankees signed Hiroki Kuroda who has been sharp in Spring Training. Also coming back for his sophomore year is Ivan Nova, who had a great rookie season last year. Nova will have to avoid a sophomore slump, but as the 3rd or 4th pitcher in their rotation Nova should be a reliable option.

The last two spots in the rotation are most likely going to Phil Hughes and Freddy Garcia. Hughes had an injury plauged season last year but he has been the best pitcher in Spring Training this year and is looking for a strong comeback. Freddy Garcia isn’t anything great, but he is a good option for your number 5 pitcher.

While the Pineda injury hurts the Yankees, they are far from panicking. They still have a good rotation of course with CC Sabathia at the front and with the run support that they have they should have no problem without Pineda.


3 Responses to Should the Yankees worry about not having Michael Pineda?

  1. It was never a guarantee that Pineda was going to be in the starting rotation. Cashman let it be known how upset he was with Pineda for coming into spring training out of shape (‘Fat’ was the word Cash used), and as such Pineda’s fast ball had been topping out at 90-93 mph where last year on Seattle he was regularly hitting 96-97. He doesn’t kill the team but just makes the trade that included Jesus Montero suspect right now.
    Nice Post & great site!

  2. Joe Munley says:

    I think they should be more disappointed than worried… The team finally felt as though they had a stable of starters to throw at the AL East. To be honest, they still have the staff to take care of business. As you mentioned, the contributions of Kuroda have been impressive this Spring…. Plus, they signed Pettitte at a discount – a move that, if he can return to form, will look like inspired genius on the part of Cashman.

    • stephenchott says:

      Yeah I forgot about the Pettitte signing. If he can be his old self he’ll be up from the minors in no time and will be an insurace in case that anyone doesn’t perform like they’d hoped. They should be fine and as long as the lineup stays healthy they should be serious contenders this year.

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