Diggy Simmons makes a J.Cole diss

Well, first Charles Hamilton dissed J.Cole earlier this month and now 17 year old Diggy Simmons has released a diss towards J.Cole.

The diss most likley stems from J.Cole’s verse on “Grew Up Fast”.

” Unless you talkin blockbusters, you niggas is not Russell.
You more Diggy — me I’m more Biggie”

Not much of a big deal, especially when in the next line Cole says “No diss to the young boy im just rappin get bored quickly”.

Oh well, I guess Diggy took offense to it. Anyway, Diggy decided to diss him and even though I like Diggy it’s pretty weak. I honestly didn’t have high expectations when I heard he dissed Cole and it’s an alright song just not much of a diss. If the title of the track didn’t have J.Cole diss in it, I wouldn’t have even known. Charles Hamilton’s diss was much better.

Anyway, here’s Diggy’s diss on J.Cole titled “What you say(J.Cole Diss)”


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