Album review: Odd Future Tape Vol. 2

On March 20th, Odd Future released their first studio album titled “Odd Future Tape Vol 2”. I finally got a chance to sit down and listen to the album, so even though it’s a little late I decided to review it.

Most people who have heard of Odd Future is thanks to their frontman and easily most famous member, Tyler the Creator. Odd Future is much more than Tyler though, and also on the album is Domo Genesis, Mike G, Hodgy Beats, Left brain, Taco, Jasper Dolphin and my personal favorite Odd Future member, Frank Ocean.

With all of these different people on one album, the Odd Future experience is a unique one. As well as rapping, all of their beats are produced by the group. I haven’t been real impressed by anything I’ve heard from Odd Future before this album, and I didn’t think Tyler’s most famous song, Yonkers, was all that great. I wanted to give the whole album as a whole a chance though.

When I listen to hip hop, I don’t necessarily like to hear a whole song of metaphors and fuck you’s. It’s part of the reason that I don’t like most of Lil Wayne’s songs or wasn’t impressed with Yonkers. Besides the beat, the lyrics are the most important thing to an album.

Most of the Odd Future Tape is the opposite of that though. It’s a lot of cursing and lyrics that are just dumb. There’s some good rhymes but I don’t want to hear a whole album that talks about fucking bitches. I think XXL said it perfectly when they said that Odd Future are “like those unpolished kids in your high school trying to get their rap career off the ground by fitting a bunch of words together to sound impressive.”

It’s a shame though. Tyler the Creator and Frank Ocean are by far the best out of the Odd Future crew and I think they would be better on their own. There’s some good songs on their too, and I really liked Analog 2/wheels 2. That song is the highlight of the album, but the rest of it just isn’t on the same level.

Odd Future are the young rulers of hip hop, but they still haven’t shown me anything to prove they are serious. Maybe they’re just getting started, but I’m  not impressed by Odd Future.

Album Grade: 2.5 stars out of 5
Best Song: Analog 2/Wheels 2


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