New NFL gear makes an appearance at NFL pop up store

With the NFL transitioning from Reebok equipment into Nike and New Era, there is going to be plenty of new gear coming out, including new jersey’s.

While the jersey’s won’t be out until tommorow(according to the NFL shops twitter page), at the NFL pop up store in New York City, they have started to bring out some of the new gear. You can see all of the hats at the NFL shop website, but here’s a picture of all of them on display at the pop up shop(courtesy of CNBC’s Darren Rovell)

I’m not a huge fan of these NFL New Era Snapbacks, but then again I’m not wearing a Snapback anyway. New Era CEO Chris Koch said “Our core consumer is 16-24 year olds. They’ve never had the opportunity to purchase a New Era NFL cap until today.” So there’s that. The Hats are the official draft hats for this year, so the draft picks and their family will be wearing these Snapbacks.

They also released some new shirts, which really aren’t anything special. If you want a shirt of your team and Nike’s slogan “Just Do It” though, you’re in luck. While I’m sure they’re not done yet, that’s about as exciting as it gets on their new t shirts.

That’s about all for the new NFL gear for today, but when the jersey’s drop we’ll have an update here.


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