Morris Claiborne’s 4 on the Wonderlic doesn’t matter at all

Every year, each prospect in the NFL draft has to take the Wonderlic test. The Wonderlic  is a 50 multiple choice question test to be answered in 12 minutes. The test has been given to NFL players to a long time and an average score is 21.

An example of a question given on the test is “Paper sells for 21 cents per pad. What will 4 pads cost?”

Doesn’t seem so hard right? You’re probably wondering how someone doesn’t do well on the Wonderlic. Each year though, there’s somebody who does awfully on the test and everybody overreacts about it. Vince Young scored a 16(on his second try), Hakeem Nicks scored an 11, Donovan McNabb scored a 14. Even Hall of Fame QB Dan Marino scored a 16.

This year, everybody is overreacting about Morris Claiborne’s score of a 4. Don’t get me wrong, 4 is a real bad score. But it doesn’t matter.

Coming into the scouting combine and draft, Claiborne has been the top CB in the draft class. That shouldn’t change. A 2009 study by professors from Fresno State University, the University of Georgia and Towson State found no connection between Wonderlic scores and performance during the first three years of a player’s NFL career.

Claiborne played at LSU, who’s system isn’t easy, and played great. The Wonderlic test doesn’t test his ability to play on the field and learn the playbook, which should be all that matters. Not to make excuses for him, but he was diagnosed with a learning disability in high school that affects his reading. Take it how you want to. That may have an impact on his score or he may have just decided he didn’t want to finish the test.

No matter what the reason though, it doesn’t really matter. His low score on the Wonderlic shouldn’t matter, as many of the people mentioned with low scores were still very high draft picks. It shouldn’t impact his draft stock so there’s no need to overreact about Morris Claiborne’s 4 on the Wonderlic test.


2 Responses to Morris Claiborne’s 4 on the Wonderlic doesn’t matter at all

  1. Steven Jeffries says:

    Yea, I heard some sports talk show on LA rodio taking calls on this today. The host said he didn’t think it mattered too much. He contended that it matters more the closer you got to the ball. As a “cover corner,” all you have to do is watch the receivers who run into your coverage area and keep them from catching a pass…

    Hey, is that it? No problem. Don’t need to read well for that…ha!

    • stephenchott says:

      Yeah I think I heard somebody on ESPN say the same thing. I think it was Trent Dilfer. Anyway I think it would be a bigger deal if it was RGIII that got a 4 and not Claiborne. I would still draft him, but some people may hesitate.

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