My problem with Brittney Griner

After being perfect all year long, Baylor finally finished it off tonight by beating Notre Dame in the championship game. I’m not going to pretend that I watched it. I couldn’t name anybody on Baylor not named Brittney Griner. Hell, I couldn’t name anybody in womens college basketball named Brittney Griner.

If I didn’t watch it, then what’s my problem with Brittney Griner?

My problem has been building up throughout this tournament though. I’m sure  Brittney Griner is great. She has ruled womens college basketball and go on to the WNBA where even less people will watch her play. If you turned on ESPN in the past week though, you have seen them talking about Griner. In almost every single highlight, you see the same “highlight” of Brittney Griner dunking.

Yes, I know that it may be somewhat rare for somebody to dunk in womens basketball but she does a dunk that 95% of the NBA can do, and she ends up on ESPN’s top 10 plays. And my head almost exploded when I heard them say the amount of dunks that she has had this year. We’re keeping track of her dunks now? Come on.

Womens sports want to be taken seriously and this isn’t the way to go. It’s the equivalent of praising a womens softball player for hitting a homerun. The dunk, just like the home run in baseball, is so simple in the mens game that the ridiculous amount of respect that is given to a women who can dunk is ridiculous.

So I don’t really have a personal problem with Brittney Griner. My problem comes more from the ridiculous coverage of her and Womens college sports. Go ahead and cover womens sports but if they want to be taken seriously don’t act impressed with Brittney Griners amount of dunks on the year.


One Response to My problem with Brittney Griner

  1. Troy says:

    The sports media drives me nuts. Brittney Griner has been ESPN’s ‘selling point’ to coerce people into watching the women’s tourney. I get it — she’s a beast. She has masculine traits (that voice, that voice, that voice; I’m sure that statement would get me in trouble with the angry feminist crowd that would have no problems calling me a dirty misogynist, smh) that garners her plenty of attention. She’s simply more of a physical specimen than the other women out there, and that gets her the highlights… and unfortunately, ESPN glorifies them all to the point where it will make you go “Really? Really?”, so I agree.

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