Madden Cover Vote is down to the Elite Eight

With the NCAA Tournament over, everybody can focus their attention to the real tournament. The Madden Cover Vote tournament.

All eight remaining choices all have a legitimate shot at winning, depending on whose fan base comes out and votes.

Both of the #1 seeds are still in, and in the first matchup puts last years explosive rookie of the year winner, Cam Newton, against one of the best WR’s in the league in Larry Fitzgerald. Fitz was one half of the Madden 2010 cover, so he’s out here trying to get his sole cover and be the first player to be on the cover twice. Unfortunately, I don’t think he stands a chance though because Cam Newton already has a huge fan base and is the more exciting choice at this point. He’s my favorite to win this whole thing.

The other #1 seed left is the reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers is going against Ravens running back Ray Rice. Maybe it will be the second year straight that a running back from the AFC North knocks off Aaron Rodgers, but I don’t see it happening.

Both #2 seeds are also left. Those #2 seeds are Giants WR Victor Cruz and Patriots beast TE Rob Gronkowski. Cruz is against the only defensive player left, Patrick Willis. I just saw Willis on Sportscenter campaigning for votes, but I don’t think he gets past the salsa master Cruz. Cruz doing the salsa on the cover would be a cool cover though.

The final matchup will probably be the closest of them all. Gronk, who has a huge fan base behind him and has been campaigning for votes, will be going against Megatron, who is just the best WR in the league. It will be a close matchup but I think Gronk wins in a close one.

So go to ESPN and vote for your choice. Because Seabass isn’t here, you’ll just have to deal with these choices.


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