Dwight Howard looks like a fool….again

When Dwight Howard flip flopped on whether or not he wanted to stay with the Magic before the trade deadline, he looked like a fool. He looked selfish and childish.

Things have been somewhat calm since then though, until the reports came out this week that Dwight has asked management to fire coach Stan Van Gundy.  And because the Magic management does anything Dwight asks, it probably will happen.

Although the actions of today make that a bit more likely.

While talking to reporters today, Van Gundy was asked about the rumors Dwight asked for him to be fired. He confirmed it to reporters, which was already bad enough. Then in comes Dwight, who hugs Stan. Can’t get much more awkward than that.

But then it did.

Moments later when Dwight was asked about the rumors that he asked for Van Gundy to be fired he denied them and asked who their source was. Well, Dwight, they’re source is the man himself. Way to look like a complete fool.

Even though they’re third in the East the Magic are a complete mess. I don’t see how Van Gundy can keep going with them after this and maybe he said this so he was fired. I’d be sick of Dwight too if I was him. All I know is that the only thing Dwight does better than grab rebounds is look like immature and selfish. The Magic are a complete embarrasement at this point and it’s about to get worse.


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