Meet Dwight Howard: The new villain of the NBA

Ever since he went on TV, made his “Decision” and took his talents to South Beach LeBron James has been the NBA’s number one villain. Whether the hate was deserved or not, he was been that villain and the one that everybody likes to pour on despite being one of the best players in the league.

A new villain may be on it’s way though, and his name is Dwight Howard.

Dwight has demanded a trade, decided he didn’t want to get traded, and tried to get his coach fired all in the past couple of weeks. Not to mention the quitting on the team. Say what you want about LeBron’s “Decision”, but he didn’t quit on his team or demand a trade. He just signed in another city and danced in our face.

The LeBron run as villain never felt right anyway. He doesn’t want to be the villain. Dwight may not either, but he’s childish and selfish and has done much more than LeBron to be hated. Dwight probably won’t be back in Orlando after next season(if he doesn’t demand another trade before then), so the NBA’s new villain will get to bring his circus somewhere else.

For the man that goes by the nickname Superman, life as the NBA’s villain may be in the near future.


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