Ozzie Gullien gets an appropriate 5 game suspension for Castro comments

If you haven’t heard by now, Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen has made some pretty stupid comments. This may come as no surprise to anybody familiar with Guillen, but this time he stepped over the line a bit. Guillen said that he admired Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. While this may not sound suspension worthy to some people, the Marlins did what they had to. In Miami they have a heavy Cuban population and a lot of their fans have been or have had family hurt by Castro. There were people calling for Guillens job after the comments and there are sure to be some protests still after this suspension.

I feel bad for Guillen though. He obviously knows he said something wrong and I genuinely believe him when he says that he misspoke when he said what he said. English is his second language and it didn’t come out how he wanted it to sound. He didn’t want to be talking politics but it accidentally ended up that way.

The Marlins had to do this though. It’s not too serious, but it shows their fans that they don’t approve of it. They already came out right after his comments and said they didn’t approve, but this just further proves the point. A 5 game suspension at the beginning of the season won’t hurt him or the Marlins but it will teach him to watch what he says in the future.


One Response to Ozzie Gullien gets an appropriate 5 game suspension for Castro comments

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    He put the Marlins in a bad position, so they had no choice but to suspend him.

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