Could Rex Ryan possibly be turning down Hard Knocks?

For every football fan who has HBO(or knows how to watch tv online), Hard Knocks has become a normal form of entertainment during the summer. Another thing we’ve gotten used to is seeing the New York Jets on Hard Knocks. Not this year though, says head coach Rex Ryan.

Yes, you read that right. Rex Ryan is turning down the possibility to appear on Hard Knocks and run his mouth for 30 minutes a show.

League sources say that Jets owner Woody Johnson wants the team to appear on the show but Ryan is against it. It may seem surprising, but it seems that Ryan is actually committed to turning around the circus atmosphere in the Jets locker room.

Hard Knocks would defintley be interesting with all the colorful personalities on the Jets, including NFL poster boy Tim Tebow. For now though, it looks like the Jets won’t be on Hard Knocks though.

The show has also been offered to the Atlanta Falcons. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see crazy Matt Ryan on Hard Knocks. Yawn.


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