In honor of the People’s Rapper: My top 10 Jon Connor songs

Most people take time off on their birthday to celebrate with their family and friends and enjoy life. Not the people’s rapper, Jon Connor. On his birthday, April 13th, Jon Connor is releasing his next mixtape “The People’s Rapper LP” which is him rapping over all Eminem beats. It’s part of his Best in the World Series following “The Blue Album”, which was all on Jay Z beats. He’s one of the rappers waiting to blow up and in honor of one of my favorites, I’m ranking my Top 10 songs by Jon Connor. Just click away on the links to hear the songs.

10. Renegade ft Mickey Wallace

Off of his most recent mixtape, “The Blue Album”, Renegade is off of the same beat that Jay Z and Eminem went in on. And as crazy as it sounds, Connor and his All Varsity Music co-member Mickey Wallace may have been as good if not better. He also talks at the end of the song about why he choose the name Jon Connor, which I find pretty interesting.

9. Reppin 4 Flint

It’s amazing that this didn’t make it onto any of Jon Connor’s albums or mixtapes, but Reppin 4 Flint is Connor ripping up the beat and spitting great lyrics. The beat is on Game’s “Red Nation” and is 10x better than the original. A must listen.

8. Epic

Off of “Jon Connor as Vinnie Chase Season 1”, Epic is exactly what the title says. A fast beat and sick lyrics, Epic is a song that gets you pumped up and as Connor says on the chorus “Put your hands up”.

7. American Psycho Freestyle

This song was my introduction to Jon Connor. After listening to this, there’s no wonder I became such a big fan. The beat can barely keep up with Connor as he spits crazy. The video makes him look crazy, but it fits with the crazy lyrics. You have to listen to this right now.

6. Love Me Now

Off of “Jon Connor as Vinnie Chase Season 2”, Love me Now is amazing. The lyrics are on point to go along with a nice beat.  To hear great lyrics that come from an inspired rapper with meaning, listen to this song.

5. Don’t Fall in Love

A message from Connor to the fans: “Don’t Fall in Love with a bitch”. The song talks about Connor getting played by a girl and warning the people listening not to “Fall in Love with a bitch”.

4. Insecure/Suicide (BTS)

Okay, this is kinda cheating because technically this is a song by Emilio Sparks featuring Jon Connor. But I’m gonna bend the rules a bit for this one because I love this song so much. One of my favorite lines “Love Me for everything I am, hate me for everything I’m not” comes from this song as well as some real talk from Connor in the behind the scenes. He says to go for your dreams because if you are insecure about them it’s like you’re committing suicide. Yeah, this guy isn’t your everyday rapper.

3. Hustlin is Always an Option

Man, I love this song. It has become my ultimate pump up song and I guarentee once you listen to the song it will have the same effect on you.

2. Vent Session

As the title says, this is Jon Connor venting to a beat. And it’s greatness what he says about today’s society including the line “Always be yourself because ain’t nobody better at it”. On Kanye West’s “Say you will” beat , Jon Connor does work with amazing lyrics.

1. Broken Mirrors

When he released the video for this song off of “Salvation”, you can imagine my happiness. With all the great songs that Jon Connor has put out this is the best. My writing doesn’t do the song(or any of these) justice, so go ahead and listen to the song yourself. Some of the best lyrics you’ll hear.

As you can tell, I’m excited for “The People’s Rapper LP”. Eminem is my favorite rapper of all time so I’m excited to see what he does with these beats. I know it’s gonna be fire and after I hear it you can expect a review up on this blog. Until tommorow, BLUE CITY CLUB!


5 Responses to In honor of the People’s Rapper: My top 10 Jon Connor songs

  1. McGreger 2012 says:

    what about “dont fall in love with a bitch”

  2. blott says:

    what about “someone like me”

  3. Peter says:

    What about boom bap symphony! Sickest song of his for sure!

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