“F”, Marry, kill with Rob Gronkowski!

Oh, Rob Gronkowski. The Patriots tight end is very talented and had the best season a tight end could have, but he has a tendency to get himself in trouble. He isn’t hanging out with porn starts or dancing like an idiot in a night club, but Gronk has found himself in hot water yet again.

He hasn’t done anything to get in trouble with the law but Gronk has made himself look like an idiot plenty of times off the field. Most recently, it was while at an appearance at the University of Rhode Island where he played part in a game of “F, Marry or Kill”. For anybody who doesn’t know what that is, you’re given three people and you have to fuck one, Marry one, and kill the last.

My first question is how does Gronk even end up taking this question? Probably because he could care less about his image. Anyway, his three options were Rex Ryan, Betty White and Tim Tebow. While the footage taken doesn’t give us the other answers from Rob, the grainy 24 second video does give us the latest gem from Gronk.

“I would ‘F’ Tebow, to take his virginity,” Gronkowski said.

Well done Gronk. I find it funny, but I have a good feeling that the Pats organization doesn’t. You can watch the whole video below.



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