2012 MLB Power Rankings: Week 1

Okay, it’s been a little bit over a week since the MLB season started but I needed a starting point. These first rankings will be a little shaky because I didn’t do a preseason edition and because some good teams have gotten off to a slow or fast start. Descriptions are given to the Top 10. So, here’s the first week of power rankings and you can expect a new edition every week or so throughout the MLB season. (Note: These rankings were done before Saturday’s games)

1. Detroit Tigers(5-2)

We all knew the Tigers would be good and they haven’t disappointed yet. With an impressive sweep of the Red Sox and taking two out of three from Tampa Bay. The free agent spending looks good so far too, as the Prince Fielder-Miguel Cabrera combo looks great.

2. Texas Rangers(6-2)

Despite a shaky start from their biggest offseason addition, Yu Darvish, the Rangers have had a good start to the season. They’ve had an easy schedule so far though, so we won’t have a true grip on how good this team is until they play some better competition.

3. Los Angeles Dodgers(7-1)

Even though I predicted a much better season from the Dodgers in my NL preview, I didn’t expect them to get off to this kind of start. It seems like a huge weight has been lifted off their shoulders and with the amazing play of Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw they could win this division. They will defintley slow down a bit, but this Dodgers start is more than luck.

4. Washington Nationals(6-2)

A similar case with the Nationals, I knew they had talent this year. A solid starting rotation including Stephen Strasburgh, who was impressive in his duel with Johan Santana earlier this week. I don’t think they’ll win the division, but it isn’t out of the question that this team makes the playoffs.

5. Tampa Bay Rays(4-3)

The Rays were very impressive in their opening sweep of the Yankees. We knew they had a good rotation, but they have looked real good. Carlos Pena killed the Yankees and has been a big reason why they’ve started the way they have.

6. New York Mets(5-2)

Now this one is a bit of a surprise. They did benefit from playing against a very bad Braves team and I still think they’re going to be one of the worst teams this year. They do have some pieces though that they could trade and they have to be happy with how Johan Santana has pitched so far.

7.  New York Yankees(4-3)

Some may think this is too high for the Yankees, but it seems that they’ve waken up a bit after their slow start and getting swept by the Rays. What I think of this team including their tough schedule(which doesn’t get easier anytime soon), is why I have them so high.

8. St. Louis Cardinals(5-3)

The Cardinals rained on the Miami parade in that weird 1 game opening series, and it seems like they haven’t missed a beat yet without Albert Pujols. The offense, led by World Series hero David Freese, has been impressive.

9.  Arizona Diamondbacks(5-2)

They swept the Giants in their first series and have benefited from an easy schedule so far. Chris Young has gotten off to a good start batting .320 with 3 home runs and 7 RBI’s.

10. Baltimore Orioles(4-3)

The Orioles should take a good look at where they are right now, because they are going to be sitting at the bottom of the division in no time. Their schedule gets much harder and the little bit of hope they had from sweeping their opening series will be gone soon.

11. Toronto Blue Jays(4-3)

12. Chicago White Sox(4-2)

13. Oakland Athletics(4-4)

14. Kansas City Royals(3-4)

15. Milwaulkee Brewers(4-4)

16. Philadelphia Phillies(3-4)

17. San Fransisco Giants(3-4)

18. Miami Marlins(3-5)

19. Cincinatti Reds(3-5)

20. Colorado Rockies(3-4)

21. Los Angeles Angels(2-5)

Just wanted to go on the record saying I know this team will turn around, but I had no choice but to put them down here after a bad start.

22.  Boston Red Sox(2-5)

23. Seattle Mariners(4-5)

24. Atlanta Braves(3-4)

25. Chicago Cubs(3-5)

26. Houston Astros(3-4)

27. Pittsburgh Pirates(2-5)

28. Cleveland Indians(2-4)

29. San Diego Padres(2-6)

30.  Minnesota Twins(2-5)


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