Mixtape Review: The People’s Rapper LP by Jon Connor

“I drop whenever I want because I got the talent to do it” Jon Connor spits on “8 mile road”. He’s right.

Jon Connor never stops working. In November, Connor put out “Jon Connor as Vinnie Chase: Season 2”. On Valentines Day of this year, Connor dropped “The Blue Album” a salute to Jay-Z. Yesterday, he dropped “The People’s Rapper LP” off all Eminem beats. Later this year, he’s already announced that “Season 2.5” will be coming and another original album. He never stops and the craziest part of it is that he doesn’t miss a beat. If any other rapper put out this much work, their quality would suffer. Not Jon Connor.

When I went to listen to the mixtape, I immediately looked for some of my favorite Em songs. Not surprisingly, Connor decided to take them on.

He wastes no time getting to work and right away on the 2nd track I’d heard enough to know this was going to be great. The 2nd track remixes “Till I Collapse”. I’m a big fan of the original by Eminem and I was a bit skeptical on how he would do it but he absolutely killed it. Here’s a sample of the 2nd verse, which is the best verse on the whole mixtape.

 Is this what we come to?
I feel like all you niggas sat in one room
And said “Look, this is what we gon’ do
“whoever write a verse quick, come up with the worst shit
That’ll be the template for what we all work with
We’ll use this verse and do different variations
Give it to every station make ’em play it til you hate it

It gets even better with the rest of the verse and he even kills it on the 3rd verse when he spits

I want labels baffled like “how we let this guy get away?”
Like imagine all them motherfuckers that passed on Jay
Or the labels that heard Jesus Walks and passed on ‘Ye
I bet they still kickin’ they self in they ass to this day

Those are two of my favorites from the best song on the tape, but the rest is still amazing. He tackles more classic Em beats including “Lose Yourself”, “When I’m Gone”, “The Way I am” and one of my favorite songs ever, “Stan”.

The Eminem version of Stan is so unique and the storytelling of it between Em and his “biggest fan” Stan, who commits suicide and kills his girlfriend because Em won’t answer his mail is amazing. Jon Connor recruits his fellow All Varsity Music label mate Lia Mack to sing the verse and it works very well. When it comes to the rapping though is where it shines like the original. He starts each verse addressing a different dead rapper that influenced him. On the first verse, it’s “Dear Chris” who of course is Notorious B.I.G. On the second verse, it’s “Dear Pac” and on the third it’s “Dear Breed” as in MC Breed who was from Flint, Michigan like him and who influenced him a lot. He also talks about the controversy that surrounded his remake of Breed’s “Ain’t No Future in Yo Frontin”.

The mixtape talks about the struggles he had coming up and “literally being a starving rapper” all to to what he loves. It’s also not surprising that “The People’s Rapper” says that he does it for the fans and to help people out on “Beautiful”. On the song, he talks about a fan on Facebook and how a Jon Connor song helped him make it through his struggles. “Fuck all the money and the hype, that right there is why I write”.

Overall, the mixtape is really good. I have very few complaints and most of the mixtape is great. It’ll be one of the best mixtapes of the year, although I think it’s safe to say that it’ll be rivaled by the other two mixtapes he’ll drop this year.

Mixtape grade: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Best Song: Till I Collapse


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