Wait, you don’t care about Chris Paul getting booed at a baseball game?

Over the weekend when the Angels were playing in Yankee stadium, new Jets quarterback Tim Tebow got booed when showed on the big screen. Whether they were booing him or Dwayne Wade, who was sitting next to him, is beyond the point. The point is, ESPN and everybody in the media went crazy over the fact that Tim Tebow got booed.

On Sunday, Clippers star Chris Paul took his 2 year old son to a Dodgers game in LA. He also got booed.

“They booed me bad,” he said. ”I was just happy that my son didn’t know what was going on.”

I don’t really care about Chris Paul getting booed, because it happens. LA is still Lakers country and he was almost a Laker this offseason, so it’s understandable. My only question is, why isn’t ESPN reporting this? Look on ESPN’s NBA page and it’s not even there.

So I could really care less about Chris Paul or Tim Tebow getting booed at a baseball game, I just don’t want ESPN to make a big deal about one if they’re not even going to report the other. I know they are the Tebow sports network over there, but we can leave some of the lesser stuff alone.


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