Fun Facts about Jamie Moyer

Yesterday Jamie Moyer earned his first win of the season. Being 49, Moyer is now the oldest major league pitcher to win a game. With Jamie Moyer’s age also comes some amazing facts, which are all %100 true. (And yes, that’s his rookie card above).

– Moyer pitched in 141 Major League games before the Rockies, his current team,  even existed.

– Moyer is older than 8 current managers and 16 current General Managers

-He also started the last game at Wrigley Field before lights were installed there.

– Jamie Moyer was born November 18th, 1962, which was four months before the Beatles released their first album in Britain.

-Some facts about his MLB debut on June 16th, 1986: It was against Steve Carlton, 2011 NL Cy Young winner Clayton Kershaw had not been born yet, Camden Yards was 5 years away from opening and the average salary of each player was $412, 520(League minimum is now $480,000).

-Gas was at $0.93 on the day he debuted.

My personal, unbelievable favorite

– Jamie Moyer has pitched to 8.9 percent of all players to ever make an MLB plate appearance. (Roughly 1,400 of 16,000.)


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