Reactions from the Schedule release and the 10 games I’m looking forward to on the NFL schedule

The release of the NFL schedule is an exciting day for NFL dorks everywhere. While I didn’t sit down and watch ESPN’s 3 hour release of it, I looked at the schedule last night. One interesting thing to take from the new schedule is that we will have Thursday games all year long except for Week 17. Also from the schedule release is the strength of schedule. The two teams from last years Super Bowl ended up on the opposite sides of the spectrum. The defending champion New York Giants pulled the hardest schedule while the Patriots have the easiest.

With the release though a little over a week before the NFL draft, anticipation is already starting towards the NFL season. Here’s the 10 games I’m looking forward to the most. Not in order of excitment but in the order that they appear on the schedule.

Dallas @ NYG. Wed, September 5th. 8:30

Opening night in the NFL. Everybody will be watching to see the Giants first game since winning the Super against their rival Dallas Cowboys. And you’ll see by my homer amount of Giants games I picked that I am a Giants fan. I did not put their whole schedule though, so don’t crucify me for it. It’s also on a Wednesday so that it won’t clash with a speech by President Obama on Thursday.

Pitt @ Denver. Sunday, September 9th. 8:20

My second game from opening weekend, this is the first game for Peyton Manning with his new team. While I don’t anything special from Peyton, it will be interesting to see him in his first game back from neck injury against one of the best defenses in the league. It’ll be a sure test in Week 1.

Was @ New Orleans. Sunday, September 9th. 1:00

In the first game of the season for the New Orleans Saints, it may also be the debut of Robert Griffin III. I assume that RGIII will be starting Week 1 but who knows with Mike Shannahan. It could either be a really good game or a really sloppy one depending on who plays and who coaches for these teams.

Detroit @ San Fransisco. Sunday, September 16th. 8:20

In Week 2, Detroit will be playing San Fransisco on a Sunday night in the first game since the Handshake fight between Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schawrtz. Both teams are also going to be pretty good, so it will be a good game early on in the season.

New England @ Baltimore. Sunday, September 23rd. 8:20

The Sunday night games look to be pretty good this year, and in Week 3 the Patriots are going to travel to Baltimore in a night game against the Ravens. It’s always a good game between these two and when one of the league’s best offenses goes against one of the best defenses it’s always a good game.

Denver @ New England Sunday, October 7th 4:15

Peyton Manning against Tom Brady is always good, but when they meet in Week 5 it will be the first time while Peyton is with the Broncos.

Carolina @ Washington. Sunday, November 4th. 1:00

Wow, I cannot wait for this one. If he’s not starting in Week 1 I defintley think Robert Griffin III will be playing by the time this game rolls around and the matchup against Cam Newton will be spectacular. With two of the league’s most dynamic young players, the game is bound to be great. And yes, I’m already saying RGIII is gonna be fun to watch and spectacular.

Thanksgiving Day

Okay, I kinda cheated here but I lumped all of the Thanksgiving games together because they’re great. Houston and Detroit start the festivities at 12:30, followed up by Washington going to play Dallas. In the NFL Network night game, the Patriots will travel to the Jets. These games will be another thing to give thanks for.

New Orleans @ NYG. Sunday, December 9th. 4:15

A matchup that would have happened if not for Vernon Davis’ catch, the Giants vs. Saints game in December will be an important one and is bound to be a great game. It’s going to be in the middle of the Giants rough ending to their schedule so it will probably be an important game for both team’s playoff chances.  

San Fransisco @ New England. Sunday, December 16th. 8:20

In Week 15, this is probably going to be an important game for both of these teams too. With San Fransisco’s amazing defense against New Englands near unstoppable offense, it’s almost guaranteed to go down to the wire and be a great game.


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