Tupac holograms and the fine line we’re walking

When Tupac Shakur “rose from the dead” in form of a hologram to perform at Coachella, we were all amazed. I was left speechless just watching the performance. Our immediate reaction to seeing this was “Who else can we make in the form of a hologram?”.

It’s a natural and completley reasonable reaction when seeing Tupac perform so well, but it’s also something that we shouldn’t venture that far into.

There have already been reports that Dr. Dre wants to take hologram Pac on tour with him and Snoop Dogg, which would be cool to see but shouldn’t we think about where this puts music in the future? Who’s next? Biggie? Elvis?

People complain enough about today’s music and how badly they wish they could listen to Tupac or Biggie. Imagine if we actually gave them the chance, and considering that Tupac said “What the fuck’s up Coachella?” even though Coachella didn’t exist at the time of his death, it’s possible they could put out new music.

Even though the rumored tour would be with Dre and Snoop, if it’s successful I don’t see why they wouldn’t just have a Tupac tour by himself. And once that happens, they’ll bring out Biggie on tour.

I don’t really know where this hologram technology is going to go. We should, however, let the people that have died rest in peace and not bring out any more holograms. Let the musicians of today perform, not holograms.


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