What should be the punishment for Metta World Peace?

I wasn’t watching the Lakers vs. Thunder game yesterday, but I looked at my phone during the game and it was blown up. My twitter feed was full of talk of a “vicious” elbow to the head of James Harden by Lakers forward Metta World Peace(very ironic, I know.He’ll be referred to as his less ridiculous, birth name, Ron Artest from now on). Knowing how crazy he is, it wasn’t really surprising to hear him do something like this. Before the game was even over, I was able to see the clip. Thanks again Youtube.

I was expecting to see an elbow to the face of Harden, but saw something different. While it was dumb and suspension worthy, it wasn’t as bad as some people made it sound. Artest does deserve a penalty though, so what should it be?

Last year, his Lakers teammate Andrew Bynum got suspended 5 games for what I believe was worse than what Ron did. Bynum doesn’t have the history that Artest does. He’s been suspended over 100 games in his NBA career, including the “Malice at the Palace” when he was with the Pacers.

The elbow on Harden is obviously going to be looked down upon by the league and Artest will be disciplined into the playoffs. The suspension for what he did should probably be around 3 or 4 games. When you take into account Artest’s past though, his suspension should be around 8 or 9 games which will go into the playoffs.


5 Responses to What should be the punishment for Metta World Peace?

  1. Don’t know who threw a better elbow this weekend… UFC champ, Jon ‘Bones’ Jones or the Lakers Metta World Peace!!!

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  3. Major R.A. Ipavec says:

    So much for world peace. Only fair to remove him from competition until he proves he can be trusted to behave in his assigned field of operation. Don’t know that time will ever come. Out for the year seems at best minimal. He could have killed or maimed the guy (that’s our job). I know guys who would remove the perps elbows so he could never do it again. A wee bit too harsh in my book. But then again some gov’t operatives live by a different code. Besides the guy has a history, history, history of not getting it. Rumor has it he’s been suspended over a dozen times. Shouldn’t the league act in a responsible way and cut the guy loose so that six suspensions and your career is over, just like fouling out of a game? Maybe cage wrestling would suit him better. The recipient of the elbow could also take action so the individual (Peace) or the league (commissioner/owners) pay through the nose for lack of adult supervision. Then of course there are at least seven other ways… but this is a family site I’m told. Here’s hoping the recipient recovers, Mr Peace grows up, and the league miraculously becomes responsible. If Peace wants to bring peace into the world and still wants to act like a thug then maybe he should consider joining our profession. We are government sanctioned.

    • stephenchott says:

      Even though what he did can’t be taken lightly, I think kicking him out of the game would be a bit extreme. With this suspension, he’ll have been suspended over 100 games but only one of them was due to a fight(although it was one of the most famous one’s in sports history). Maybe a longer suspension for somebody with a history like his would be appropriate, but banning him from the game may be a little bit too harsh.

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