Should the Knicks tank for the 8th seed?

I know, I know. Reading this title will sound ridiculous to a lot of people. Why should the Knicks lose the rest of their games before the playoffs? Especially when they have been hot recently, it sounds a bit ridiculous. Hear me out.

The Knicks are finally getting back to full strength with Amare Stoudemire back. They clinched a playoff spot, so they don’t need to worry about missing out. With two games left, the Knicks could still catch the Magic but that would require the Magic losing to the Bobcats, which even without Dwight Howard out that isn’t likely.

So looking at where they are right  at the 7 seed, the Knicks would have a first round matchup with the Miami Heat. The Knicks are 0-3 against the Heat this season and they are probably the best team in the East despite their seed. Even though they’re hot, I don’t see the Knicks beating the Heat in a series.

Behind the Knicks in the 8th seed is the 76’ers, and as of today they are both tied. If the Knicks lost out and the 76’ers won at least one game than they would jump the Knicks and the Knicks would be brought down to the 8th seed which I think is ideal for them.

As the 8th seed the Knicks would have to face the Bulls in the first round. It’s not easy, but it’s easier than playing the Heat. Derrick Rose has had injury problems all year and isn’t 100%. The Knicks also have a losing record against the Bulls, but had a big win against them on Easter.

Neither would be easy for the Knicks, but if I’m coaching them I’m thinking about resting Carmelo. The Knicks should play for the 8th seed and face the Chicago Bulls in the first round.


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