With the addition of Samuel, the Falcons now have two overpaid and overrated CB’s

In 2010, the Atlanta Falcons were in need of help in their poor secondary. The market for a CB was a little thin but when a team is in need, they often tend to overpay. That’s exactly what the Falcons did when they signed Dunta Robinson to a 6 year, $57 million contract. Robinson was a good corner, but this contract made him the second highest paid corner which he obviously wasn’t worth.

Flash forward to now. Robinson has been average for the Falcons and they once found themselves in need of  a CB. The Eagles are stocked up at CB and looking to deal off Asante Samuel, the most overrated player in the league. The found a sucker to take him, and today the Falcons traded for Asante Samuel and gave him a 3 year, $18.5 million contract.

Asante Samuel has been one of the league’s most overrated players for quite some time. Take a quick look at his stats and he seems like one of the best CB’s in the league. He’s always near the top in picks so he must be good right? Well he does get a lot of picks but he also gives up a TON of touchdowns while trying to get those picks. He gets burned while trying to make those picks and while he’s a nice playmaking corner he isn’t a shutdown corner or one I’d want for the money he’s getting.

So the Falcons once again dipped into a veteran corner with Asante Samuel, and again are gonna suffer from it. Samuel may look good sometimes while he’s making plays but overall he’s overrated. The Eagle’s are happy to be rid of him and the Falcons now have one of the most overrated and overpaid CB duos in the NFL.


3 Responses to With the addition of Samuel, the Falcons now have two overpaid and overrated CB’s

  1. Steven Jeffries says:

    I have to say I always thought one of the top three over-rated cover guys was Terrance Newman. Samuel is certainly in the “paid too much” catagory…

    • stephenchott says:

      I would agree with that except that I don’t think that many people think Terrence Newman is that good. He got picked on plenty of times last year especially by the Giants

      • Steven Jeffries says:

        No argument there! He was thrown at a hunk of times by anything in an NFL uniform…glad he’s gone now…

        Thanks for the visit and comment…

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