Knicks lose Shumpert in poorly officiated loss to Heat; but how far can they go?

Wow. If you follow me on Twitter, you know how I felt about the game today(if you don’t what are you doing? @criesfromcrowd). While the Knicks played a bad game on offense, they weren’t able to even play defense. LeBron was flopping worse than a fish out of water and the refs gave him every single call. It made me sick, and I wasn’t alone. ESPN’s Bill Simmons posted on Twitter “28 FT’s to 5. I don’t watch rigged NBA games, I’m switching to hockey”

That’s honestly what it felt like, although more than that happened.

The Knicks could deal with losing one game to the Heat, but losing Iman Shumpert was a gigantic loss. Shumpert went down with an injury and had to be carried off by teammates. To some people, this may not seem like such a big loss but when it comes down to it Shump is one of the best defenders on the Knicks team. Not to mention his injury means Mike Bibby will probably get significant playing time.

With the loss in Game 1 and Shumperts injury though, how far can the Knicks go? Well it will take a huge effort from Carmelo Anthony and even then I’m not sure that the Knicks can pull it off. I think they can still take a game or two, but I think Iman Shumpert grabbing his knee as he fell down to the ground will symbolize the Knicks playoff hopes. They’re done.


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