Tim Tebow and the beginning of NFL Network’s ridiculous Top 100 list

Last year, NFL Network came out with their top 100 players of 2011 list. It was an okay list but there was still plenty of flaws(including leaving two time Super Bowl champ Eli Manning off the list). This year, they decided to do it again(and I’ll be doing my own, for the record.) They only released 10 players so far, but it’s already being met with justified outrage.

100. Chris Johnson
99. Ryan Kalil
98. Willis McGahee
97. Donald Penn
96. D’Qwell Jackson
95. Tim Tebow
94. Marshawn Lynch
93. Cortland Finnegan
92. John Kuhn
91. Tony Romo

There’s the list of the players that they’ve released so far. Of course the one that jumps off the page is the media’s child Tim Tebow. I can’t say I’m extremely shocked that Tebow is on the list, but come on. When a friend told me Tebow had made the list I pondered whether I’d even put him at 195 on a list of players in the NFL. It’s absolutely ridiculous, but I’m not surprised about it.

Also ridiculous is that John Kuhn is on this list. Kuhn is a good FB but he has gotten publicity for being on the Packers and for their crowd yelling “KUHN” every time he makes a catch. I don’t think there’s room for more than 1 or 2 FB’s, and I’m not even sure I’d put that many on there. Not to mention that Kuhn isn’t one of the top 2 FB’s in the league anyway.

Also laughable is the low ratings of guys like Tony Romo, who’s coming off of his best season and Chris Johnson who apparently is worse than Willis McGahee and Marshawn Lynch.

I don’t have any respect for this list, but I’ll keep paying attention to it to see how much worse it gets. The list looks to me like the more popular players in the league and not the best. C’mon NFL Network, you can do better than this.


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