Thoughts from the Rest of the Draft

It’s been three days of madness, but the NFL draft has finally come to an end. The players of the future have been drafted and now they have to work towards becoming great. I’ve given every team grades from Round 1, but here’s my thoughts from rounds 2-7 and the undrafted free agents.

-I like the addition of Coby Fleener to the Colts in the 2nd round. Luck is going to have an average supporting class but bringing in somebody he is familiar with will help him out a lot.

-I also like Stephen Hill to the Jets.  They needed a WR to go along with Santonio Holmes and Hill could be that guy. Now they just need a QB who can complete passes to him.

-The Bears added Brandon Marshall earlier in the offseason in a trade and now they drafted Alshon Jeffrey. Jeffrey may have some questions, but he’ll be able to come into a great situation right away.

-Broncos brought in a QB to sit behind Peyton Manning. Brock Osweiler will come into a great situation being able to sit behind Peyton Manning and learn.

-The laughing at the Jags continues. They may have grabbed Justin Blackmon in the 1st, but in the 3rd they drafted a punter. A punter? In the third round? C’mon Jacksonville.

-I like Russell Wilson and I like him going to the Seahawks. He could have a legitimate chance of playing soon if Matt Flynn doesn’t work out.

-Before the draft, I had never heard of Mohamed Sanu. If you haven’t heard the story, the WR from Rutgers got a call in the first round from somebody who said they were with the Bengals. They told Sanu that they were drafting him in the first round. Of course, the Bengals went ahead and drafted Kevin Zeitler and Sanu knew he had been pranked. He was pretty cool with it throughout the whole thing though, even though I know I would be pretty pissed. In the end though, it all worked out for him. In the third round the Bengals drafted him for real.

-The Redskins drafted Kirk Cousins to go along with Robert Griffin III. While it may seem like an awful move, remember that they have Rex Grossman and John Beck on their roster.

-And then there was Mr. Irrelevant. Chandler Harnish from Northern Illinois got drafted with the last pick in the draft and will be Andrew Luck’s backup for his career in Indy.

-Vontaze Burfict, who has said to be a first round talent, went undrafted and signed with the Bengals. He dropped out due to a poor combine and character issues, so he’ll fit right in on the Bengals. It’s a shame though because if he could have gone to a solid organization and coaching staff they may have been able to fix his issues. He could still work out, but it will be tougher now.

-Even though he was low on many people’s draft boards, I still expected Kellen Moore to get drafted. He didn’t though, but I like him signing on with the Lions.

Years from now, plenty of these guys that were drafted late will be starters and stars in the league. The draft is always a great time for people who love football, and this years madness has been no disappointment.


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