My 2012 All NBA Teams

Now that the playoffs are started, we need to take this time to look back on the season. While enjoying the playoffs I’ve already posted my 2012 NBA awards and now here’s my All NBA teams with two guards, two forwards and a center.

1st team

Dwight Howard: The first team All NBA center is an easy pick and it has to be Dwight Howard. He’s the best center in the NBA and even though Andrew Bynum had a good season he still wasn’t on the level of Dwight. Everybody wanted to downplay Dwight’s season because of the problems he had off the court with management, but Dwight averaged 20.6 PPG and 14.5 RPG. You can try and say that he quit on his team, but his stats and performance for most of the season sure doesn’t show it. Not to mention that he’s carried the Magic.

Kevin Durant: Another easy choice. He’s been in the MVP race all season and has already saved his team once in the playoffs. Really don’t need to say much more for him and the other forward on this team, because I don’t think there’s much of an argument.

LeBron James: The other guy, of course. The NBA’s MVP.

Russel Westbrook: The second guard is tough. You could go with Russ, Kobe or Tony Parker and all three of them would be good choices. I went with Russ though because while Kobe leads all three of them in PPG and Parker leads all of them in APG, Russ is right in the middle and also averages more steals per game. Like I said though, you could go with any of them and both of the other two are on the second team.

Chris Paul: Another easy selection. In his first season with the Clippers Paul averaged 19.8 PPG and 9.1 APG. As the heart and soul of that team he also lead the league in steals per game with 2.5.

2nd team

Andrew Bynum
Kevin Love
Carmelo Anthony
Kobe Bryant
Tony Parker

On the second team, the decisions get a bit harder. Andrew Bynum was a lock due to the great season he had. Even though his play was worthy of the first team, he still has to take the back seat to Dwight. Kevin Love has also had an incredible season but with injuries at the end of the year and the fact that he plays the same position as LeBron and KD, he has to fall down to the second team. Some people will probably have a problem with Carmelo Anthony making the second team due to his struggles at the beginning of the season but he’s been on fire the past month and still finished with 22.6 PPG and 6.3 RPG. A couple of months ago he probably wouldn’t have even made the third team, but Carmelo Anthony has earned his spot on the All NBA second team. The final two spots I talked about when addressing CP3’s spot on the first team, but Kobe and Tony Parker are easy picks for the second time. They both had great season’s and have lead their teams to the playoffs.

3rd team

Tyson Chandler
Blake Griffin
Josh Smith
Dwayne Wade
Rajon Rondo

For me, the 3rd team center was an easy choice. There was some other ways you could go but I think that Tyson Chandler is the defensive player of the year and has been such an important part to the Knicks defense that he couldn’t be left off of this list. While his play still consists of mostly dunks and not much of a post game, Blake Griffin still makes the third team. He’s a bit more productive this year, but still isn’t on the elite level of some other forwards. The better forward on the third team though is Josh Smith. He’s finally started to take his game to the next level that a lot of people have been waiting for, and it’ll be interesting to see if his success continues forward. It’s weird though, to see the two guards that are on the 3rd team. Both have had a down year mostly due to injuries and we’ve already seen both of them make headlines in the playoffs. Though Wade made positive headlines and Rondo not so much, he’s going to be important if the Celtics do come back and beat the Hawks.


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